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FX HT15-60 High-Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer By Atlas Copco

25-125CFM High Temperature Refrigerant Dryer

Model: FX HT15 (H1) ACUL 115V1PH60


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PSI: 232 (Pressure)
Outlet CFM Max: 25 (Flow)
Inlet CFM Max:0 (Inlet Flow)
Max PSI: 232
Pressure Dew Point: 37.4
Pressure Drop: .52
Volts: 115
NPT OUT: .5"
NPT IN: .5"

Actual Dimensions & Weight



Shipping Dimensions

NOT ACTUAL SIZE OF PRODUCT (Includes Box, Crate or Pallette Dimensions)

(A) Length: 18"
(B) Width: 23"
(C) Height: 31"
Weight: 5 lbs


High Inlet Temperatures

Designed to be used with the high outlet temperatures from piston compressors the integrated pre-cooler allows for 50 F outlet dewpoints even with inlet temperatures of up to 180 F

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offers a reliable, cost effective and simple solution to those who need quality compressed air for their manufacturing processes. To avoid condensation, and therefore all chance of equipment and end-product corrosion and damage, compressed air needs to be dry — exactly what FX dryers are designed to do.

The FX dryer range is simple, yet robust and reliable. It is a no-frills range that relies on proven technology, solid components and uncomplicated design; these features combined deliver a constant dew point and reliable performance at any flow — in almost every manufacturing application.

The FX dryer range is designed for simplicity and savings. Because they are designed with a no-fuss, straight-forward mentality, FX dryers will save money in several key ways. The machine has fewer components than other more complex ranges, which means there are fewer components to maintain and replace. The amount of pipe work is also reduced (compared to other ranges) which means fewer leaks and lower energy bills. And, once again, due to the fundamental simplicity of FX dryers, they require less maintenance and their uptime is significant – both yield higher production levels and lower maintenance costs.

Self-regulating dryer provides constant dry air

  • All models include, as standard, an air-to-air heat exchanger which prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the pipe system.
  • An electronic Zero Air Loss Drain is included as a standard feature on all models which ensures reliable evacuation of the moisture in the water separator, a feature that increases the dryer’s reliability.
  • Highly efficient integrated water separator facilitates a low and reliable pressure dew point.

Long term benefits

  • Low maintenance costs & long lifetime for dryer components.
  • Few components to repair or replace.
  • Self-regulating machine provides reliability and requires low maintenance.

Value beyond price

  • Integrated water separator helps to ensure a low and constant pressure drop while increasing reliability.
  • A work-horse dryer that supplies a steady flow of dry air while offering complete peace-of-mind.


All FX dryers are simple and safe to install and operate. With a minimal number of parts — all designed and assembled with basic, yet highly efficient technology — the FX cannot help but to be a safe machine. Its ergonomic design is constructed so that all key components are positioned for fast and easy access. Further, the inlet and outlet connections are conveniently located on the back of the machine which enhances operational safety and efficiency.


The FX dryers are based on pure, fundamental engineering principles; they are built around the idea that “Simple is Better.” Their simplistic design means they have as few components as possible, which means your cost to maintain the machine is kept to an absolute minimum. Essentially, the self-regulating machines take care of themselves. Outside of replacing filters and filter elements, the FX dryers just might be the least of your worries in your compressed air system.


FX dryers were designed with a “plug and play” installation concept and they all have clear, easy-to-interpret control panels with a digital display. All FX dryers are self-regulating and come pre-commissioned. When your FX arrives on site, you can have it up and running as quickly as you would like with only a few connections and simple piping to consider. After installation, you can expect very little monitoring and maintenance. You can be guaranteed ease of use which leads to consistent performance.


The FX range defines reliability. It is a no-nonsense dryer range whose reputation is built on its long lifetime and outstanding utility rather than flashy panels and complex technology. It is on par with the competition in terms of pressure drop and performance, but is built with the same high standards Atlas Copco has used to build machines for more than a century. To increase the reliability of the FX dryers, all models come standard with an efficient air-to-air heat exchanger and an electronic Zero Air Loss drain; the heat exchanger prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the pipe system while the drain ensures that moisture is properly evacuated from the water separator. Further, FX dryers come with an integrated water separator which directly enables the dryer to have a consistently low pressure dew point. For reliability and performance, the FX dryers are second to none.

FX 5-300: Digital display

  • Pressure dew point: exact measurement and visual monitoring.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • Alarms: high/low pressure dew point and probe failure.
  • Service warnings.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 23 × 31 in

25CFM, 50CFM, 75CFM, 100CFM, 125CFM

12 Month Standard Manufacturers Warranty*

*Exclusions may apply.

-- Extended warranty may be available, consult documentation for details. --

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