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FD5-95 Saver Cycle Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer By Atlas Copco

13-201CFM Saver Cycle Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

Model: FD 5 115/1/60 Saver Cycle


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PSI: 233 (Pressure)
Outlet CFM Max: 13 (Flow)
Inlet CFM Max:0 (Inlet Flow)
Max PSI: 233
Pressure Dew Point: -40
Pressure Drop: 1.02
Volts: 115
Fuel: Electric
Pre Filter: PD10+

Actual Dimensions & Weight



Shipping Dimensions

NOT ACTUAL SIZE OF PRODUCT (Includes Box, Crate or Pallette Dimensions)

(A) Length: 22"
(B) Width: 20"
(C) Height: 23"
Weight: 99 lbs


How does the FD dryer work?

A refrigerant dryer uses a refrigerant circuit and heat exchanger(s) to pre-cool air, refrigerate it to condense out moisture vapor, and then re-heat the air to prevent pipe sweating downstream. Refrigerant dryers can lead to a pressure dewpoint (PDP) as low as +3°C/+37.4°F for many applications where there is a need for dry air. They can be used at different pressures and consume no processed compressed air.

The FD range of refrigerant dryers offers a reliable, cost-effective, and simple solution to those who need quality compressed air for their manufacturing processes. To avoid condensation, and therefore all chance of equipment and end product corrosion and damage, compressed air needs to be dry – exactly what FD dryers are designed to do.

Incorporating unique, patented technological innovations and the best, up-sized components the market has to offer, Atlas Copco FD refrigeration dryers provide clean and dry air, extending the lifetime of equipment and protecting final product integrity — even in difficult and challenging operating conditions.

The FD 5-285 cycling dryer range is built to ensure that every customer benefits from:

  • Continuous dry air, even in difficult conditions and during those times that dryer is cycling;
  • Supreme energy efficiency and lowest possible running costs ;
  • Unrivalled mechanical and performance reliability;
  • Total operational convenience, from installation to remote monitoring and control.

In order to provide these key advantages, it was necessary for Atlas Copco to redefine how a cycling refrigerant dryer should be designed and controlled.

As a result, the FD 5-95 range includes two patents and utilizes R134a refrigerant, which has become preferred in the industry due to its 0.0 ozone depletion rate, low global warming potential and consistent performance.

FD 120-285 range includes three different patents and is the first refrigerant dryer to utilize the highly efficient and environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

Working Principle

Refrigerant drying means that the compressed air is cooled, which allows a large amount of the water condense and be separated. After cooling and condensing, the compressed air is reheated to around room temperature so that condensation does not form on the outside of the pipe system. This heat exchange between ingoing and outgoing compressed air, and as such reduces the required cooling capacity of the refrigerant circuit.

1. Air-to-air heat exchanger
2. Air-to-refrigerant air exchanger
3. Integrated water separator
4. Refrigerant compressor
5. Regulation device
6. Refrigerant condenser
7. Refrigerant filter
8. Thermostatic expansion valve
9. Liquid separator

Reliable Refrigerant Circuit

The refrigerant removes the heat from the compressed air and cools down to the desired dew point. The refrigerant compressor compressed the gaseous refrigerant to a higher pressure. FD 120-295 makes use of rotary type of refrigerant compressor, and FD 5-95 makes use of reciprocating refrigerant compressor. Hot gas by pass valve regulates the dryer to prevent freezing at lower conditions. The refrigerant condenser cools the refrigerant so that it change from gas to liquid. To protect the expansion device from harmful particle, a refrigerant filter is installed. In order to produce a cooling effect, the pressure need to be reduce. The Thermostatic expansion valve does this. To protect the refrigerant compressor from liquid refrigerant entering its chamber, a Liquid separator is installed.

Electronic no-loss condensate drain

  • Level sensor senses the level of the condensate and opens the drain, preventing any loss of compressed air when condensate is drained.
  • Equipped with backup manual drain as standard and drain alarm (FD 120-285).

Energy efficient Air Circuit

Hot saturated air enters the dryer and is cooled down by the outgoing air via Air-air heat exchanger. Reducing the temperature of the inlet air reduces the load on the refrigerant circuit. The Air-refrigerant heat exchanger transfer the heat from compressed air to the cold refrigerant, forcing water vapor in the compressed air to condense. These condensates are separated in the Water Separator, equipped with electronic drain. On the Air outlet, the cooled compressed air is reheated to prevent condensation in to the pipe works.

Control and Monitoring FD 5-95

Equipped with advanced Elektronikon® α controller, providing full status annunciation, control and monitoring; smart dew point alarm – based on the danger of water carryover rather than straight PDP. Voltage-free contact for remote alarm (standard). Auto-restart after power failure. Potential free contact for remote alarm indication.

Control and Monitoring FD 120-285

The controller displays the Pressure Dew Point (PDP) and relative humidity. Setting allows the dryer to cycle or not (Saver Cycle Control algorithm) and restart or not after power failure. Remote alarm through voltage free contact. The controller offers additional features such as energy-saving flow switch algorithm, alarm history, standard remote visualization (Ethernet plug) and communication extension possibility. (FD 120-285)

Features & Benefits

Energy Savings

  • Settings allows Dryer to cycle or not
    • Saver Cycle Control Algorithm
  • Reduces energy consumption
    • Air-air heat exchanger lowers the load in the refrigerant circuit
    • High efficiency Refrigerant compressor
    • Fan switch

Environment Friendly

  • Using refrigerant 134a for FD 5-95 and 410a for FD 120-295

Reliable operation

  • Advance Control and Monitoring System
    • Elektronikon® & Elektronikon® α
  • No condensation in the factory pipe work
    • Air-air heat exchanger, pre heats the cold compressed air
    • Hot gas bypass, ensure desired dew point
    • Cyclonic water separator, efficient water separation

Additional information

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 23 in

13CFM, 21CFM, 32CFM, 42CFM, 53CFM, 64CFM, 85CFM, 106CFM, 127CFM, 148CFM, 201CFM

Phase and Volt

115 Volt / 1 Phase, 230 volt / 1 Phase

12 Month Standard Manufacturers Warranty*

*Exclusions may apply.

-- Extended warranty may be available, consult documentation for details. --

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