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Why Should I Check My Actual CFM?

In short, you need to calculate your Actual CFM output for your dryers in order to ensure the success and longevity of your equipment.

When it comes to your compressed air system, knowing the requirements for your system is vital for your operation and for upgrading your air system. Adding new pieces downstream can be vital to maintain productivity and keeping your system running smoothly for as long as possible. These pieces need to be able to be added seamlessly to guarantee the success of your system.

Now you might be thinking that it is pretty obvious how you check the actual cfm, it is simply the output of the compressor, however that machine compresses the air will determine the CFM output. Going off of this idea is not inherently wrong as the compressor output is an accurate representation of how the machine is operating, however, when it gets further downstream, more factors can come into play in determining the actual output of your air system. 

Dryers can be difficult to properly size as they need to reach specific CFM requirements but also ensure the air is coming out dry and of good quality. Factors such as air temperature and system pressure can drastically change the output of your air system, and when the factors align it can reduce your CFM by up to 50%. This massive reduction can increase the stress on your dryer and greatly reduce its lifespan due to how much harder the machine will have to work to keep up with demand. 

Even though a majority of pressure and temperature combinations can be responsible for reducing your CFM, some can even increase the flow rate of your air as well. This variability makes it extremely important to be able to find the right fit for your dryer. If you undersize your machine it can fall short and nearly eliminate its lifespan. Finding the right combination is simple and easy with the Warthog Calculator. Using standard multipliers, the calculator is able to determine the efficacy of dryers to be able to determine the actual output.

This calculator will help you determine the exact Air Flow that your machine and system will be putting out. All it takes is the basic information of your air system such as the temperature of the compressed air, the pressure on your compressed air, and the CFM output of your compressor. This calculator will then give you the actual CFM of your dryer under those circumstances and help you to be able to size up or downsize your dryer in order to reach your compressed air requirements.


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