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CD Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer By Atlas Copco

3-551CFM -40 Degree Dewpoint Compact Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer


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Outlet CFM Max: 551 (Flow)
Inlet CFM Max:0 (Inlet Flow)
Pressure Dew Point: -40
Pressure Drop: .58
Volts: 115
Fuel: Electric
Pre Filter: PD+, UD+

Actual Dimensions & Weight



Shipping Dimensions

NOT ACTUAL SIZE OF PRODUCT (Includes Box, Crate or Pallette Dimensions)

(A) Length: 21"
(B) Width: 7"
(C) Height: 4"
Weight: 5 lbs


The CD+ adsorption dryer is a twin tower heatless regenerative desiccant dryer. The dryer is completely wired and equipped with all interconnecting pipe work and fittings

Working Principle

The general working principle of adsorption dryers is simple. Moist air flows over hygroscopic material (typical materials are silica gel, molecular sieves, activated alumina) and is thereby dried. The exchange of the water vapor in the moist compressed air into the hygroscopic material or “desiccant” to gradually be saturated with adsorbed water. Therefore, the desiccant needs to be regenerated regularly to regain its drying capacity, Adsorption dryers are typically built with two drying vessels for that purpose. Each tower switches the tasks when the other one is completely regenerated. Typical Pressure Dew Point (PDP) that can be achieved is -40C, which makes these dryers, suitable for providing very dry air for more critical applications.
CD is a purge regenerated adsorption dryers. The regeneration process takes place with the help of expanded compressed air and requires approximately 15-20% of the dryers nominal capacity at 7 bar € working pressure.

The Compact Solution

  1. High-quality components designed for low pressure drop and increased reliability provide fail-safe operation.
  2. Filled with high-performance molecular sieves to allow for various pressure dew points (-40°C/-40°F and -70°C/-100°F). Overfilled cartridges protect against desiccant aging and overflow peaks. Integrated after-filters ensure fast and clean maintenance.
  3. Multi-port inlet and outlet provide easy connection to the air system. The dryer can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  4. Integrated silencers minimize noise.
  5. Full electronic controller with purge saver function. The sophisticated electrical panel is IP65-protected against water and dust.
  6. Service and maintenance-friendly
    • Desiccant bags allow for quick replacement without spilling adsorbent material.
    • A spring covers the bags to prevent damage by desiccant moving due to pressure pulsations.
  7. Attached filters
    • A durable PD pre-filter prevents oil contamination to increase desiccant lifetime and is included for installation in the air piping.
    • A DDp after-filter protects the airnet from desiccant dust and network contamination and is included for installation in the air piping.
    • To be installed in the air piping.
    • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  8. Nozzle purge set
    • Offers flexibility in optimizing regeneration pressure for lowest purge air consumption. Standard is 7 bar; 4 and 10-bar nozzles come as separate parts.
  9. Advanced options
    • Pressure dew point sensor required for Dew Point Dependent Switching.
    • Wall mounting kit.

Features and Benefits

Enduring performance

  • Non-return valves and purge cavities are built into the polycarbonate cartridges.
  • Each desiccant cartridge includes an integrated afterfilter to save space, simplify installation and decrease the risk of leaks.
  • The dryer can perform in working pressures up to 16 bar(g)/232 psig and temperatures up to 50°C/122°F.

Energy efficiency and savings

  • Low pressure drop across the whole range.
  • Purge saver function is included as standard.
  • Adjustable purge, available as an option, matches purge air consumption to the actual working conditions.

Easy operation

  • The controller shows the dryer/cycle status and automatic fault diagnosis.
  • No need to disconnect the dryer from the compressed air network for servicing.
  • The inlet and outlet can be reversed. The dryer can be operated remotely.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 4 in

3CFM, 6CFM, 10CFM, 12CFM, 21CFM, 32CFM, 42CFM, 53CFM, 64CFM, 74CFM, 95CFM, 117CFM, 138CFM, 191CFM, 233CFM, 275CFM, 350CFM, 413CFM, 551CFM

Desiccant Material

Traditional Silica, CERADES

12 Month Standard Manufacturers Warranty*

*Exclusions may apply.

-- Extended warranty may be available, consult documentation for details. --

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