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SF+8-22 Oil Free Multi Scroll Compressor By Atlas Copco

10-30HP Oil-Free Multi Scroll (Super Quiet) Compressor With Elektronikon


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Horsepower: 10, 15, 20, 22.5, 30hp
PSI: 145 (Pressure)
Outlet CFM Max: 87 (Flow)
Aftercooler: Included
Max PSI: 145
Volts: 208, 230, 460
Fuel: Electric
Available Options: Full Feature

Dimensions & Weight

Tank Orientation: None
(A) Length: 65"
(B) Width: 30"
(C) Height: 73"
Weight: 820 lbs



With its state-of-the-art oil-free compressor technologies such as screw, tooth, centrifugal, reciprocating and scroll, Atlas Copco provides the right solutions for your specific needs. As oil-free compressed air is a prerequisite for many manufacturing processes, we ensure consistent oil-free air by preventing oil from entering your compressed air system. The SF and SF+ ranges of oil-free scroll air compressors unite Atlas Copco’s vast experience and knowledge in a class-leading package. Whereas the SF range includes a standard pneumatic controller, the SF+ range boasts the high-end Elektronikon® controller. Reliable and compact, they both answer your demands through innovative technologies and supreme energy efficiency without compromising on quality.


As there is no metal-to-metal contact between the compression scrolls, there is no need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber. Therefore, the scroll compression principle guarantees high-quality, oil-free air. As a result, the SF compressor is oil-free in every way.


The SF scroll compressors, standard equipped with IE3 Premium efficiency motors, are suited for sensitive applications which require flexibility and energy efficiency. Unloaded power consumption is eliminated thanks to the simple start/stop control. Advanced scroll technology guarantees an optimal free air delivery and low duty cycle applications.


The slow speed of the scroll compression elements ensures that the SF scroll compressors are extremely quiet. Sound levels are as low as 53 dB(a), making the SF the perfect choice for your sensitive working environment.


The SF scroll compressors stand for simplicity and reliability. The compressor has a minimal number of moving parts, ensuring a long operating life with limited service interventions. With their integrated design, Atlas Copco’s SF scroll compressors have a minimal footprint and offer easy serviceability.


For over sixty years, Atlas Copco has been leading the industry in oil-free compressed air technology, drawing on vast experience and continuous technological innovations. You can rest assured at all times: severe certification and testing procedures are conducted to ensure air is supplied to the highest standards of quality control.


SF+ 8-22 multi-scroll units bring in the benefits and flexibility of a modular system utilizing two to four compressor modules integrated into one canopy. The Elektronikon® continuously monitors the status of each element and starts and stops the compression elements, thereby ensuring that the compressed air output matches the air demand. Moreover, the perfect air quality and user-friendliness of these units guarantee a superior production process.
  1. Air inlet filter
    • High efficiency paper cartridge air inlet filter, eliminating dust and particles down to 1 μm.
  2. IP55 Class F IE3 motor
    • Totally enclosed & air-cooled IP55 Class F motors, complying with IE3 Premium efficiency standards.
  3. High efficiency scroll element
    • Air-cooled scroll compressor element offering proven durability and reliability in operation, in addition to solid efficiency.
  4. Refrigerant dryer
    • Compact & optimized integrated refrigerant dryer, ensuring the delivery of dry air, preventing rust and corrosion in your compressed air network.
  5. Silent canopy
    • A sound insulated canopy makes extremely low noise levels as low as 53 dB(A) possible, allowing to install the unit closer to the point of use.
  6. Elektronikon® Mk5 Graphic
    • While running the VFT algorithm, the Elektronikon® Mk5 Graphic matches the required air demand, eliminating unload power consumption.
  7. Optimized Cooler & piping
    • The air cooler is finetuned for improved performance, while the use of aluminum & stainless steel pipes improve reliability over lifetime and assure the high quality of compressed air.
  8. Smart Design
    • Outstanding user-friendly design, with safety in operation & ease of serviceability in mind.

Additional information

Weight 820 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 30 × 73 in

10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 22HP, 30HP


100 PSI, 145 PSI


28CFM, 24CFM, 45CFM, 32CFM, 58CFM, 48CFM, 67CFM, 50CFM, 87CFM, 63CFM

Phase and Volt

200 volt / 3 Phase, 230 volt / 3 phase, 460 volt / 3 phase

Dryer Included?

Dryer Included, without Dryer

Canopy Type

Low Canopy, High Canopy

12 Month Standard Manufacturers Warranty*

*Exclusions may apply.

-- Extended warranty may be available, consult documentation for details. --

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