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53CFM 66CFM D2 Heatless Modular Desiccant Air Dryer With Integrated After Filter By Nano

Model: NDL 080 F


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Outlet CFM Max: 53 (Flow)
Pre Filter: NF 0090 M01
Post Filter: Integrated

Dimensions & Weight

NPT IN: 1"
(A) Length: 11.1"
(B) Width: 16.8"
(C) Height: 36.3"
Weight: 119 lbs


nano D1|2|3 modular desiccant compressed air dryers

  • removal of water vapor by lowering the pressure dew point of your compressed air stream to -40°F/-94°F optional) to ensure a continuous supply of dry air
  • low-pressure drop and consistent dew point performance
  • modular design allows installation in spaces too small for a traditional dryer premium controller option
  • ease of service with patented, preassembled snowstorm-filled desiccant and built-in after-filter cartridges on D1 and D2 ranges
  • low noise during the exhaust and regeneration cycle
  • energy saving option available
  • many other options available to suit your installation



complete range to suit any requirement

  • 20 models available with flow rates from 3 to 1100 scfm
  • designed for use in compressor room, point of application or integrated into original equipment


guaranteed performance

  • in accordance with ISO 8573.1:2010, Class 2 dirt (1 micron) and Class 2 water (-40°F pressure dew point). Class 1 water (-94°F) as an option





simplicity of service

  • patented, pre-assembled snowstorm filled desiccant and built in after filter cartridges
    (D1 & D2) can be serviced in less than 15 minutes.
  • snowstorm filled columns with a built in 1 micron after filter (D3)

high quality construction

  • 100% tested for leaks, proper operation and dew point





performance warranty

  • back by a 5 year product warranty with addition of Energy Saving Dew Point Control (-ES)

easy to install space saving design

  • the compact design allows installation in spaces too small for a traditional design
  • easy to install & ready for use, the D2 packages include mounting brackets for either floor or wall mounting (option for D2)





How It Works


The nano D1|2|3 modular desiccant air dryers use the pressure swing adsorption principle to efficiently dry compressed air. They use a heatless twin tower configuration housed in a modular design. Each column contains a unique (and patented) desiccant cartridge which incorporates an inlet water separator (D1 only) and outlet filtration.


  • 0.01 micron pre-filter removes all particulate, liquid water and oil aerosols to 0.01 ppm.
  • clean, saturated air enters the dryer is a directed into column A
  • compressed air travels through tower A for 2 minutes and moisture vapor is adsorbed to -40°F pdp or better
  • a final built-in filter removes particulate to 1.0 micron or better
  • ~20% purge air expands through an orifice and regenerates tower B
  • after 30 seconds, the purge exhaust valve closes and tower B repressurizes and is ready for adsorption to begin
  • at the 2-minute mark (fixed cycle), tower A exhaust valve opens to regenerate. A PLC controls all operations
  • compressed air is expensive but nano dryers can be fitted with an energy savings device to save air and save money. By measuring actual pressure dew point, the PLC will extend the dryer cycle reducing compressor energy, wasted purge air and valve wear and tear






reliable high performance valves

inlet, exhaust and outlet air are controlled using coaxial flow valves (D3) integrated into the upper and lower manifolds provide unrestricted flow capacity and designed for durability, ease of maintenance and long service life

  • NDL 010 to NDL 050 use integrated check valves and two pilot operated solenoid
    valves for proven performance and reliability
  • NDL 060 to NDL 130 use four pilot operated solenoid valves

patented combined filter & desiccant cartridges

  • high density snowstorm filled desiccant provides maximum adsorption capacity and built in inlet
    water separator (D2) only eliminates the cost and pressure drop of installing a separate inlet filter in small oil-free compressor applications
  • built in outlet filtration to eliminate the cost, pressure drop and maintenance associated with a separate after filter
  • easy to replace cartridges simplify maintenance requirements (models NDL 010 to NDL 130)

PLC controlled

  • operated by a robust and reliable PLC control system offering valuable features including ‘power on’, ‘hours run’ and ‘service required’ indicators memory retention built into the PLC enables the controller to pick up where it left off in the drying cycle, ensuring consistently clean, dry air downstream

floor or wall mounted

  • can be floor or wall mounted – simply by rotating the feet 90 (standard on D1, optional on D2)

unique exhaust air silencers

  • significantly reduces noise level during depressurization and purge cycles constant flow and pressure
  • pressure is equalized before switching columns to ensure uninterrupted compressed air and consistent air pressure. equalization also ensures long desiccant life due to minimized desiccant attrition

tower gauges

  • standard on models NDL 060 and larger

performance validated filtration

  • separate GF 0.01 micron pre filter (shipped loose) and a built in 1.0 micron after filter included as standard

maximum corrosion protection

  • high tensile aluminum columns are alocrom protected then externally powder coated to provide maximum protection for corrosive environments





Additional information

Weight 119 lbs
Dimensions 11.1 × 16.8 × 36.3 in

30 Month Standard Manufacturers Warranty*

*Exclusions may apply.

-- Extended warranty may be available, consult documentation for details. --

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