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1220CFM 165PSI Heated Purge Desiccant Air Dryer By Quincy

Model: QHP-1220


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PSI: 165 (Pressure)
Outlet CFM Max: 1220 (Flow)
Inlet CFM Max:0 (Inlet Flow)
Max PSI: 165
Volts: 460, 575
Phase: 3

Dimensions & Weight

NPT IN: 3"
(A) Length: 82.4"
(B) Width: 41"
(C) Height: 91.3"
Weight: 3315 lbs


The New Heatless and Blower Purge Low Flow Dryers

The QHP is an industrial duty heated purge desiccant air dryer that removes moisture from compressed air through a process known as Heat Assisted Pressure Swing Adsorption. Saturated compressed air is directed over a bed of desiccant (Q Sorb) an enhanced formula of activated alumina. As the saturated compressed air flows up through the desiccant bed its moisture adheres to the surface of the desiccant and is removed through an exhaust muffler during the regenerating cycle. Quincy Heated Purge dryers are more energy efficient than heatless dryers in that they only use 3.5% to 7% of the flow for regeneration. Quincy Heated Purge Dryers are almost always the best value in flows larger than 500 cfm.

  • Quincy desiccant air dryers purify compressed air by adsorbing water vapor.
  • Pressure dewpoints of -40°F to -100°F are attained by directing the flow of wet compressed air through a bed of highly adsorbent Q-Sorb desiccant.
  • “Q-Sorb” is an enhanced formula of activated alumina. It provides better uniformity, more efficient use of available surface area, less dusting, longer life and lower pressure drop.
  • Heatless dryers use a small portion of the dried compressed air to purge the off-line tower.
  • Heated Purge dryers use an even smaller portion of the dried compressed air combined with heat for regeneration.
  • Blower Purge dryers combine heat with forced ambient air for regeneration.
  • Optimum performance and energy efficiency are maintained by employing a selected integration of dedicated valves, unit specific electronic controls, monitoring devices, and demand controls.
  • 5 Year Warranty on all actuated switching valves

Flow Schematics

  • To regenerate the off-line tower, atmospheric dry purge air flows through the regenerating bed.
  • Purge air dries the moisture laden desiccant beads and is expelled to the atmosphere through the mufflers.
  • Moisture load, velocity, contact time and cycle time determine the amount of desiccant required, and the size of the vessels.
  • To ensure optimum moisture adsorption, velocities are kept below 50 feet per minute. The air is in contact with the desiccant for at least 4.5 seconds ensuring performance, while keeping a low pressure drop.


  • Quality desiccant delivers consistent performance even in the harshest of conditions
  • Stainless steel butterfly valves with actuators ensure a long lifetime
  • Standard filter package complete with two pre filters and an after filter
  • NPT connections allow easy installation and service access
  • Forklift slots on frame for easy handling
  • Wide vessels allow low air speeds and longer contact times
  • Galvanized piping with flanged connections simplifies maintenance and reduces the risk of leaks



  • Class 1.2.1 standard (-40°F @ 100 PSI)
  • Class 1.1.1 option (-100°F @ 100PSI)
  • Max pressures
  • QBP – 210 PSI
  • QHD – 160 or 232 PSI
  • Low delta P – < 3 PSI
  • ASME approved
  • Low purge loss with QBP


  • Voltage
    • QBP – 460/3/60 or 575/3/60
    • QHD – 115/1/60 or 230/1/60
  • Advanced control and monitoring system
  • NEMA 4 controller
  • Dewpoint dependent switching
  • Dewpoint alarm
  • Hygrometer for dewpoint monitoring

Superior Components

Premium Valve Configuration - Five Year Warranty

  • High-performance valves
  • High cycle life
  • Designed for low torque
  • No maintenance is required
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Double acting actuators
  • Fail-safe operation ensures no disruption of air
  • Industry best 5-year warranty

Microburst Regeneration Full-Load Energy Saver

The only purge saving option available on the market for full-load conditions. This algorithm and dew point measurements cut purge flows by 50%.

  • Includes advance “HMI” controller
  • Available on QHP dryers
  • Full load energy savings
  • Integral demand control
  • Cuts energy consumption by 50%
  • Fast payback
  • Fully instrumented
  • Digital dewpoint readout
  • Full purge default mode

Dedicated electronics


  • • Standard on all QHP, QBP, and QHD
  • Sequence annunciator
  • Cycle stop-allows dryer to cycle with compressor
  • Loaded hours and actual demand control time display
  • Fixed cycle time and total hours display
  • Cycle counter and weekly timer-set run/stop schedule
  • Energy saving calculator and dewpoint trending
  • Integrated web server with web interface (LAN
  • CAN communication
  • Multilevel, security password protection
  • Remote stop/start
  • Service reminders with service history log
  • Event history log
  • NEMA 4

Digital Demand Control

  • Optional on all models
  • Saves energy-regulates purge in direct response to demand
  • Adjusts energy consumption to fluctuating operating conditions
  • Prolongs desiccant, valve, filter and element life- reduces overall maintenance
  • Circuitry is integral to the standard controller- Quick field installation kit available
  • High speed, rugged ceramic sensor (NIST Traceable) with sensor warning and alarm
  • Digital dewpoint readout, dewpoint warning and alarm, adjustable dewpoint settings (integral in standard controller)

Additional information

Weight 3315 lbs
Dimensions 82.4 × 41 × 91.3 in

460, 575


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